2 viejos muy cachondos

Este par de viejos estan de enhorabuena. Viven en una época dorada, que a pesar de su edad, la tecnologia médica se ha desarrolado tanto que con una simple pildora se ponen tiesos por horas. Y mas que justificado con la pelirroja que tienen enfrente, su nombre es Dolly y le van los hombres mayores, mayores. Te vas a sorprender con este video..

Hey everyone, Frankie here, we’re back with yet another upload here. For this shoot we got a gorgeous red head named Dolly. Duke met Dolly on the online, and she seemed interested in being a part of our little porno project here. She was also curious to see if we could still get it up. We planned a little surprise for her and had a shiny new dildo for her to try out. I was the one in charged of banging her with that huge dildo as Dolly gave Duke a glorious blow job.

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