2 zorras para mi polla – POV

Nunca pasara de moda ver dos chicas besándose para mas tarde unir fuerzas y chuparte la polla como si no hubieran comido en dias. Carrie Brooks y su amiga Ava Taylor han estado todo el día en casa esperando a alguno de sus amigos para que viniera a pasar un buen rato con ellas, pero como no podia esperar, empezaron ellas, a besarse y quitarse las bragas, para así cuando llego el chaval ya estaban húmedas y preparadas para un buen trio. De los mejores POV en tiempo

It just never gets old, seeing two absolutely gorgeous girls making out in the nude! Carrie Brooks and her friend Ava Taylor join forces in this Porn Pros update called Patient Pussy…the girls had been at the house all day waiting for this guy to come home but eventually they just couldn’t wait anymore, they started making out and pulling off each others little panties! They might be making out like lesbians to start out but as soon as this guy showed up and whipped out his big thick cock they’re all about the D, taking that man meat deep and hard, taking turns getting fucked and eating each other out before sharing a big double facial of cum! These girls are both cute as hell, Ava Taylor’s got her little glasses on to keep from getting an eyeful of jizz I guess. She and Carrie Brooks both have amazing titties and fantastic butts, not to mention pussies that just beg to get fucked hard and deep! It’s a red hot hardcore threeway fuck session and these two girls aren’t about to leave the bedroom until everyone is in a big orgasmic heap together and they’re all happy. Great POV

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