Blondie Fesser vuelve a las calles

Vuelve la zorita argentina mas querida en Bombare; Blondie Fesser vuelve a hacer de las suyas por las calles de España, para ser mas concretos en un pequeño pueblo de la peninsula. Va a traer la alegria a los ancianos que pasan la tarde en el banco del pueblo..

Welcome back to Public Bang. mothafuckaaaas!!! Big booty Blondie Fesser returns to bring chaos to a small town here in Spain. We met Blondie at a busy intersection where she started showing off her body. She then paraded her booty down the block, catching everyone’s attention. Some even tried to join in the fun!!! Crazy spanish pedestrians!!! After causing a small disturbance in the town. We took Blondie to a different corner where she showed us her blow job skills, and boy can this chick suck a mean dick!!!

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