Brandi Love en Mrs Conduct

Natalia estaba disfrutando de una soleada tarde con su sexy vecina MILF, Brandi Love. Ella ha estado enseñando a Natalia los entresijos del sexo hasta que ha sido capaz de captar todos los trucos y ponerlos en practica. Pero ha natalia se le atraganta un chico que no consigue hacerle feliz por mas que quiera. Brandi le dice que no se preocupe, tiene un plan maestro que asegurara que Xander caiga en la red. No quiere una caja de chocolates, ir de cena o ver una pelicula, Ella quiere sexo lujurioso y apasionado. EL plan maestro de Brandi se pone en marcha..

Natalia was enjoying a sunny afternoon with sexy MILF neighbor Brandi. She had been showing Natalia the ropes as far as sex was concerned and she was able to pick up many great tips and tricks on how to keep a man happy in the sack. As they lay there engaged in pillow talk and basking in afterglow, Natalia told Brandi about her current crush and how clueless he is. Xander, the boy she was gaga over, couldn’t get the hint. Brandi told her not to worry. She had a plan that would ensure Xander would finally understand what Natalia wanted from him. She didn’t want a box of chocolates, dinner and a movie. She wanted unbridled, passionate, hot sex. Brandi concocted a great plan and lured him into her lustful lair. The trap was sprung and Natalia finally got a crack and his cock and ball sack.

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