Cristi Ann, latina de ensueño

Cristi Ann fue con Ivan para limpiar el tapizado de su coche, despues de una noche loca. Les dijeron que al menos tardarían 3 horas en limpiar toda la tapicería del coche, por lo que Ivan le ofrecio a esta increible latina, recogerla en el lavadero y llevarla a casa para matar el tiempo. Ya en el viaje de ida a casa, la cosa se calienta y pasaran las 3 horas de una forma muy especial..

Cristi Ann went with Ivan to get her upholstery cleaned after a long wild night. Cristi Ann was informed that it would take at least 3hrs to clean so Ivan offered to call Tarzan and ask him to pick her up but not before flashing her big tits. Cristi Ann made the right choice, she flashed Ivan and the auto shop workers multiple times which promoted Ivan to make the call. Tarzan picked them up and Cristi Ann further showed her appreciation by sucking his cock on the way to his place. Soon after arriving, Cristi Ann flaunted her nice big latina culo. Cristi Ann slowly pealed off her white shorts and panties and then smothered Tarzan’s face with her amazing ass. She then deep-throated his cock down to the balls. Cristi Ann took his cock for an unforgettable ride eventually only stopping to suck the cum out from his dick.

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