Dando la bienvenida a la Universidad

Tipicas universidades americanas, ¡¡Aqui estan!! Esta vez le están dando la bienvenida a la universidad a uno de los de primer año, deseoso de emborracharse y follar como un loco. Y hoy es su jodido día de suerte, no se va a ver en otra mas gorda. Este chaval va a participar en una pequeña orgía su primera semana de Universidad. A esto se llama empezar fuerte..

This turned out to be a pretty good tape. These dudes now how to party and have a good time, but they also know how to pick their women. These two freshman are in for a good time when the rest of their frat throws them to the girls to pop their college cherries. These college chicks are straight dime pieces and these freshman fucks got to bang the shit out of them.. it was pretty fun to watch. Welcome to college FUCKERS!

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