Me follo a la madre mi amigo – Naughty America

Raquel, una madre soltera, está utilizando un video para ejercitar su cuerpo de milf cuando Ryan, amigo de su hijo, llama a la puerta. Ella le diceque entre simplemente para descubrir que su hijo no esta en la casa. Él le dice que deje de hacer ejercicio, porque es un poco “vergonzoso”. Pero sin embargo, Raquel quiere mostrarle unos ejercicios especiales para el..

Raquel is using her tried and tested work out video when Ryan, her son’s friend knocks at the door. She tells him to come in only to find that his friend isn’t at the house. He tells her to stop working out because what she’s doing is embarrassing to him. She wants him to show her some exercises and he lets her know that she needs to stretch first. Thrusting her ass right into is cock gets him a bit aroused and Raquel takes notice. Seeing an opportunity to work out her upper body, specifically her jaw muscles, she drops to her knees and starts blowing her son’s friend before he can escape the awkward situation. He better hope her son doesn’t return home too soon.

Vivan esta madre!!

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