Haciendo la colada con Tomi Taylor

Me dirigía a hacer la colada e imaginar la sorpresa cuando descubro a esta belleza, haciendo la colada tambien. El nombre de esta morena es Tommy Taylor. Ya sabia yo que la conocia de algo: es una actriz porno, y una de mis favoritas..

I ran into a beautiful girl at the laundromat the other night and I had this feeling that I knew her from somewhere but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I kept guessing and she was telling me I was wrong. Eventually she gave me a hint by taking off her clothes! I immediately knew who she was from the porn that I watch. Tomi Taylor showed off her amazing curves and soaped up her ass to make it nice and shiny. Thats when another person I knew from porn came in – Tommy Gunn! Them two immediately when at it, he licked her pussy and Tomi Taylor returned the favor by deepthroating his thick rod! Tomi Taylor got bent over and got pounded into and then they got on top of the machines and fucked until Tommy dropped his load all over her perfectly round ass!

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