Juelz ventura, la novia cachonda de mi padre

Juelz ventura esta de mañaneo tranquilo, poniendose un poco de maquillaje en el baño, embutida en una toalla rosa cuando el hijo de su novio entra para coger algunas cremas de afeitar. No sabe porque, pero ella se alegro de aquella fortuita coincidencia porque queria comentarle algunas cosas raras de quedar con su padre y la diferencia de edad que tienen entre ellos. Quiere probar que todavia puede follarse a los yogurines y enseñarles un par de cosas..

Juelz is doing her makeup in the bathroom with just a hot pink towel on when her boyfriend’s son comes in to grab some shaving cream. She’s actually happy that he came in because she walked to talk to him about the awkwardness of dating his dad and being near the same age. He assures her that he’s happy for them and nothing is wrong. She just wanted to ensure everything was OK between and she start to pick up her things to change. Like a gentlemen he attempts to leave the room but, she doesn’t want him to leave stating they’re are past that point. Well, he quickly passes the point of no return when he fills her mouth with his cock, then dropping a nice load for her to swallow.

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