Kaitlyn Shanelle sabe como mamarla

Esta es una de las mejores chicas que el equipo de realitykings ha tenido la suerte de encontrarse por las calles. Kaitlyn Shanelle es su nombre, y aunque no lo parezca es toda una fiera. Aparecio de la nada y nos preguntaba si la podíamos dejar 30$. Ante nuestra perplejidad le dijimos que no, que tendría que trabajarselo algo mas si quería conseguir algo de dinero..

This had to be one of the boldest chicks I’ve ever encountered. Kaitlyn Shanelle literally came up to me and asked me for $30! I have close friends I would think twice about lending $30 to, but Kaitlyn was persistent. Kaitlyn told me she would do anything within reason. Kaitlyn Shanelle’s giant tits look reasonable enough so we bargained for a deal. Not only dive I give her a ride home, I also got a nice ride as well. Kaitlyn Shanelle’s puffy pussy was pink and tender wrapped around my cock. I may have to hang in that park more often, and hope for more ride like this.

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