La mascota del profesor, Iggy Amore

Iggy Amore siempre ha tenido un flechazo con el profesor desde hace meses. La llaman la mascota del profesor porque siempre se queda después de clase para ayudarle en cualquier cosa. Hasta que un dia pasa esto..

Iggy Amore has had a crush on her teacher for months. Iggy Amore is referred to as the teachers pet because she stays after school to help him out. As Iggy cleans the blackboard, Mr. Magnum tells her she’d be more comfortable if she took her panties off and she agreed! Iggy Amore does anything to please her teachers and she told him she could be very useful as she crawled towards his dick! Iggy Amore unbuckled Mr. Magnums pants and went to town on his thick dick, giving him a sloppy wet blowjob and he returned the favor by licking her tight teen pussy! Iggy Amore jumped on top of her teacher and rode his rod like a good student. Mr. Magnum drilled into his favorite student on his desk before creaming inside of Iggy Amore’s tight little pussy!

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