La moda Kim Kardashian ha calado hondo..

¿Quereis otro video de calidad? Kim K lo tiene para vosotros. La moda Kim Kardashian ha calado hondo en la sociedad americana, aunque hay que decir que el cuerpo de la chica ya no es lo que era desde aquel primer video porno amateur con un negrata. Hoy esta Kim Kardashian del porno la ha superado, con un cuerpo que convina perfectamente las curvas naturales con esas tetazas tan bien peustas..

You want another sex tape? Oh Kim K (Lela Star) will give you another sex tape, and this time there’s no holding back! When paparazzi Levi goes a little too far in his quest for the perfect shot, Kim takes him home to torture his dick with the big booty that made her famous. This sizzling star gives him the close-up he’d been begging for, sitting that round ass right on his face and makes him lick her wet pussy ‘til cum drips down her thick thighs.

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