Las aventuras de los abuelos verdes

Volvemos con este par de abuelos verdes que no paran de liarla. Están de aventuras por los Estados Unidos, con el plan de follarse a todas las jovencitas que puedan y grabarlo en cámara. Hoy la elegida es Crystal Rae, una teenager recién operada que le va el rollo de los maduritos viejales. Aqui teneis esta segunda escena de tan singulares personajes:

Glenn here with our newest adventure. Ever since Frankie and Johnny concocted this fabulous plan to bang chicks, we?ve been having the best time. Now with Duke in the mixture even more. Duke put out an ad and got a response. This gorgeous girl named Jennifer was looking for other ways to get money to pay tuition. Jennifer is incredible! Crystal Rae is pretty, and can fuck the hell out of an old man!! First, Frankie chatted her up, you know being his normal creepy self. Then, Duke was uncharged of fucking this beautiful lady. This time it was Duke?s turn, fingers crossed that next time it?ll be my turn. Enjoy everyone.

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