Las tetas de mi jefa Kitana

Peter es el nuevo vendedor de Kitana. Ha llegado recomendado por uno de sus socios comerciales mas leales, pero de un día para otro el chaval parece desanimarse y no vende ni un pastel. Kitana como es una jefa considerada, le sentó delante de su mesa de trabajo para averiguar que le pasaba, si es una depresión, ella tiene un par de herramientas para arreglar eso..

Peter is Kitana ‘s newest salesman. He came highly recommended by one of her closest business associates but from one month to the next his sales began to plummet almost immediately. She called him into her office to get to the bottom of such a steep decline in sales from what seemed like out of the blue. She knew something must be the matter after his numbers went completely out of whack completely unexpected. He sat in front of her desk and she figured out what the problem was instantaneously.

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