Madre e hija, mano a mano – Jenna Ross

Madre e hija, mano a mano de nuevo. Esta serie de Realitykings es una de las que mas exito tiene (sera por el incesto, o el deseo de follarse a una novia y a su madre a la vez). Jenna Ross es la protagonista de esta entrega. Fue en busca de su madrastra para que enseñara a su novio a follar en condiciones de una vez. Asi que para ir calentando Madre e Hija se ponen al asunto y llaman al novio de la chavala. Ya le estaban esperando las dos en la cama, desnudas y cerdas 100% para el solito.

madre e hija

Jenna went to her step mom in hope that she could teach her boyfriend how to fuck and eat pussy. Jenna told him to come over, and to his surprise, they were both waiting for him. It was a bitter sweet surprise for him because he found out his girlfriend thought he sucked in bed, but on the other hand, he was going to have a hot and sexy threesome. The ladies stripped him down, and Jewels crammed his face in her step daughter’s pussy. She gave him some instructions, so he could step up his skills. Then they continued on, as Jenna deep-throated his cock while Jewels gargled his man sack. One after the other, he filled their pussies and let them take full advantage of his dick. He was the boy toy for the day and loved it. Once the ladies both came and got their fill, he gave them what they really wanted and shot that white gold all over their faces. Jenna and Jewels loved the facial, as they licked it all up and took down as much of it as possible.

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