Nuestra zorrita francesa preferida – Monique

Esta zorrita francesa llamada Monique nos llamo la semana pasada para ver la disponibilidad del apartamento que tengo en renta. La informamos de que no hay problema, pero que serian $200 la noche, pero no la vimos muy convencida por telefono. Cuando aparecio por la puerta dispuesta a darnos una follada entendimos porque..

This foxy French girl named Monique called me up and asked about the apartment’s availability. I informed her about all the dates still vacant and luckily it coincided with the days she needed the place. We agreed on $200 a night but she never paid a down payment. Monique showed up on the first day and was fortunate enough to have a shot at the apartment since we hadn’t rented it out yet. We talked about the price and she maintained the price was too high. I told her there was a way for her to get a “deep discount”. Monique was suspicious but I made her comfortable enough to hear me out and not freak out. Monique was the quiet kind of girl which most experienced guys know means how freaky she can truly be. It’s always the quiet ones that are the freakiest and she was no exception. Monique was slim with a some pretty trim, cute ass and a nice pair of perky tits. Monique pulled out her friend and gave me a little masturbatory show before Choky swooped in and collected my rent.

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