Poker de latinas – Brazzers

Poker de latinas. Johnny Sins vuelve a las andadas ejerciendo el estilo que mejor se le da a Brazzers últimamente: el gangbang inverso. Y lo hace gradualmente, zumbándose primero a sus protagonistas por separado para luego reunirlas en un ciempiés humano del placer que da paso al gaudeamus final. Eso sí, dentro del caos sexual también hay orden: hoy esa coherencia responde al físico de las chicas, todas de origen evidentemente latino: Jasmine Caro, Kiara Mia, Luna Star y Rose Monroe. Hasta él mismo se latiniza aquí haciéndose llamar Johnny Mexico a.k.a. El Pelón de Brazzers.

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Every time Johnny takes a vacation, every girl who gets a taste of his huge dick wants to keep him all to herself. It’s a curse, really. His last trip to Mexico, he managed to bang Jasmine Caro, Kiara Mia, Luna Star, and Rose Monroe, four of the hottest Latina sluts around. So when they all came to find him together right as he was heading out to the airport, he assumed that he was in big trouble. The sexy sluts wanted him to pick which one he liked best! Johnny knows an opportunity when he hears one, so he let those hotties know that he couldn’t chose his favorite without doing a little comparison first. He lined them up and one by one, those babes sucked and fucked his fat cock. Johnny told them there was no way he could ever pick a favorite, so those four juicy babes shared his cock between them!

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