¡Tetas al aire! (Patty Michova)

Patty Michova se ha unido al movimiento de PublicBang con esta espectacular folladas en una de las magnificas playas españolas. Empezamos frotandola con aceite por todo el cuerpo, para tenerla bien resplandeciente y suave para pentetrarla como nadie nunca lo había hecho..

Coming to you from Spain. We’re back with another exciting episode of Public Bang. This time we had the sexy Patty Michova, so we decided to take her to a nude beach. Of course the place was only packed with old men, but they sure did get a free show. We started by rubbing oil all over Patty Michova’s huge tits and pretty pussy. Then Christian Clay started eating her pussy. Now from a distance, the other beach goers might not have been sure what they were doing yet, but then Christian Clay stood up and Patty Michova started deep throating his cock. A few people walked by to check out the action, but most just sat back to enjoy the show, including a few passing commuter trains. One train even stopped to watch for a while. Our couple never stopped fucking though. Patty Michova rode Christian Clay’s dick like she was in a rodeo, and Christian Clay slammed her pussy from behind while she screamed. They even 69ed in front of everybody. Only in Spain. I’m surprised the audience didn’t clap when Patty swallowed a mouthful of cum. They were probably still in shock. Nothing like this ever happens when I go to the beach, but you can see it here. Enjoy.

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