Tragadora de Sables – Jordyn

Hemos encontrado a esta chiquilla, en nuestro paseo mañanero por la ciudad. Ha sido verla y saber que iba a terminar comiéndonos la polla. Y así ha sido, Jordyn, que así se llama (un nombre muy guarrillo) Empezo a tontear con nosotros de manera instantánea, asi que salto al coche y empezo el festival, aquí esta la prueba:

So last week I was on my way with Chad to pick up Levi from a hotel party. This was early in the morning when we rolled up to the hotel and we spotted this cute chick walking out. Jordyn had this sexy looking outfit on so we had to pull up to her and see what she was up too. Turns out she was just coming from a fetish party she was at with her man she ended up splitting up with. Jordyn was totally into Chad and was instantly flirting with him. Jordyn hopped into the car and showed us her outfit that was totally showing off her sweet ass. It did not take much to convince her to come back to the house with us. Since Jordyn just split with her man, she was looking to vent and She got to do all of that all over Chads cock. You dont want to miss this cute girl getting nailed, super hot stuff!!

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