Una propina para la camarera – XXXPawn

Esta sexy camarera entró hoy por la mañana a nuestra querida tienda XXXPawn. Quería conseguir 500 euros por un bolso de marca, pero nuestro experto vendedor detectó que el bolso que la camarera quería endiñarnos era mas falso que su dignidad. Aun así como somos buena gente, la ofrecimos esos 500 euros pero a cambio de que se desnudara para nosotros, y como eso no podía acabar así, esto es lo que sucedió a nuestra querida camarera..

This sexy waitress came in to hock a purse asking for $500, but the purse is a fake one. There’s no way I’m paying anything for that. I asked to see her naked in exchange for the cash, but she got pissed and bolted out the Pawn Shop. As I was closing shop, in she came. Seems like she had a change of heart. She needed the money to pay for rent. It’s either have a roof over your head or be homeless. We went back to my office and she gave up the good. I fucked her so good.

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