Cleo Vixen, la putita del profesor

Cleo Vixen no es muy espabilada que digamos y tampoco es que preste atención en sus clases, pero hoy esta realmente puesta en las asignaturas. La antigua ayudante del profesor había dimitido, y Cleo esta en busca de ese puesto de trabajo con el que siempre ha soñado para poder follarse a su querido profesor..

Cleo Vixen likes to spend most of her class time either daydreaming or being disruptive, but today she has been on her best behavior. Emily, the teachers assistant, had quit the job. Cleo wants to be the next up for it. It comes with great perks like leaving early and extra credit (which she desperately needs). After a day of being the model student, Cleo goes to the front of the class to ask her teacher, Mr. Ryan McLane, if she can be the new TA, hoping he realizes how studious and attentive she was today. It made no impression at all. Ryan McLane automatically brings up how she’s always talking, always showing up late, and never completing her assignments. The teacher is still reluctant, but goes a bit further to explain how becoming a TA actually works. Its based on a point system. Get five points, and you can be the TA. Cleo has zero points, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get up to five. The teacher then reveals that five points equals a blow job. Cleo is slightly confused, but has her eyes on the prize. If a blowjob is five points, giving up her sweet pussy will most likely seal the deal until she graduates. She lets that pervy teacher feel around her tight teen twat until its good and wet. Cleo then rides Ryan McLane on his chair and desk until he’s ready to burst and hand over that TA position. As she gulps down his stringy white load, her points go up beyond more than she will ever need. Congrats Cleo!

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3 Respuestas

  1. Bombare dice:

    MIerda.. Gracias por el aviso. ¡Ya esta arreglado!

  2. fer19390 dice:

    que paso aquí sale que vídeo se llama Cleo Vixen, la putita del profesor pero es el de Natasha, la diosa de culioneros y se ve bueno el vídeo arreglen lo porfa