Conductor privado recoge a la caprichosa Katalina Mills

Katalina Mills a tenido un día duro en la escuela. Para alegrar un poco el día, Kata llama a uno de sus conductores favoritos que su querido y rico padre a contratado, JMac. Siempre le ha gustado el chaval, y para quitarse todo el stress que tiene encima, ha decidido esperarle en bragas en el sofa, para ver que dice el conductor..

Katalina Mills had a rough day at school. When she got home she called up her favorite driver her dad has hired, JMac. She always had a thing for him, and this time she waited on the couch in nothing but her underwear! Katalina Mills asks for a massage and before we know it, things get hot and heavy and they’re making out and touching each other! Katalina Mills can barely fit JMac’s huge meatsicle in her mouth and the whole thing cant even fit in her tight teen pussy! This slutty school girl gets completely wrecked by his monster dick and after a rough fuck session she receives a load of cum all over her face!

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