Diversión en el taller de tatuajes con Scarlette Sage

Nos lo hemos pasado bien, consiguiendo a gente para que se hagan tatuajes asi de locura, es increible lo que unos dolares pueden hacer. Pero de repente nos topamos con Scarlette Sage, una preciosa jovencita con ganas de marcha, por lo que tenemos algo mas que un simple tatuaje planeado. Unos cuantos billetes verdes, y esta rubia ya esta a cuatro patas comiendo polla que da gusto..

We had a real good time taking over a tattoo shop and getting people to do some wild stuff for cold hard cash. We convinced one guy to get a money talks tattoo on his back while we got his cute girlfriend to pop her juicy tits out while he got tatted. Then another couple came in looking to get a piercing for her so we thought, why not get her a clit piercing. She ultimately got to nervous to go through with it but we got to see her take her pants off and show us her pretty pussy. Finally these two cute blondes came in looking to get tats but we had other plans for them. We started offering up cash and one got topless then we got both of them to do a vagina wedgy with Adrian Maya too, real fucking hot!! Tony had a serious hard so Adrian Maya asked her if she’d suck cock for money but she was not into that. So Adrian Maya dropped to her knees and started blowing him to show her how easy it would be. Sure enough, it was not long before she was blowing him and fucking him soon after right in the Tattoo parlor store front, haha. Don’t miss this one, its a classic!!

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