Dolly Little disponible para hacer un trato sexual

Hoy tenemos por la tienda de empeños a una jovencita pelirroja tratando de conseguir un buen precio por la venta de su Kayak para pagar la fianza a su novio que esta en prisión. Nada mas oir esto ultimo, nos decidimos a proponerla otro tipo de trato; un trato sexual. Esta pelirroja se lo pensó bastante poco y acepto bajarse al pilón..

Boy oh Boy, do I love me some redheads!! I got a good one today everybody, this young ginger named Dolly Little walked into the store today with a spring break sob story. Her man got way too drunk, got their ride towed and talked back to a cop, dude is winner, huh? Obviously got arrested, the police around the parts ain’t nothing to play with. P.S. Shout out to all law enforcement everywhere! Back to the story, Dolly Little decides to take her Kayak from off her van to pawn before her loser boyfriend gets arrested and thats where I walk into the picture to save the day, with my cock. Dolly Little wanted way too much for her used vessel, so we worked out a deal. I fucked the shit out of her for the difference. I love making deals with desperate ladies!

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