Esta casada necesita su anillo de vuelta

Es rubia, felizmente casada, esta para comersela con pan. Ha llegado hoy a la tienda de empeños XXX Pawn para recuperar un anillo que habia vendido temporalmente a la tienda para pagar unas deudas que tenia pendientes. Ahora vuelve para recuperarlo y enseñarselo a su marido. Pero tiene que pagar todavia unos dolares por el anillo, dolares que no tiene, por lo que tendra que trabajarse el anillo.. Viva esta casada.

A happily married blonde walked in looking sexy as fuck. She’s trying to retrieve an engagement ring that was temporarily pawned for a loan and making payments on. Apparently she owes $160 and doesn’t have the money. Which means, no money, no ring. She was embarrassed that she had no money. To save her the humiliation in front of other customers, I took her back to the office to see what we can work out for her. I asked her if she wants the ring, Let me see some ass! She thought I was a scumbag and went on about how faithful she was to her husband.

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