Hazlo por el arte, Henley Hart

Bruno lleva un tiempo intentando encontrar a una modelo que pose para uno de sus cuadros y convertirla en una obra de arte. Y hoy por fin ha encontrado a Henley Hart, que desde hoy se va a convertir en su nueva diva. Al principio fue muy timida, tapando su cuerpo en todo momento. Pero Bruno tiene una tecnica bastante eficaz para que se relajen las chicas y se desnuden completamente..

Bruno Dickems put an ad on the internet to try to find a nude model for one of his art pieces. He found a cute, petite, blonde named Henley Hart and she came by to be his subject! She was really shy at first, covering her body – that was until Bruno Dickems asked if she would feel more comfortable if he was naked as well. While they were both naked, he was painting her A cup titties and her belly when Henley Hart told him it was making her kind of horny! Before we know it shes on her knees stuffing her little mouth with his gigantic cock! They take it to a couch where tiny Henley Hart gets stuffed over and over again with Bruno Dickems’ thick rod until he painted his jizz all over her face!

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