Kiley Jay quiere vender su anillo de compromiso e irse a Las Vegas

Kiley Jay ha parado en XXX Pawn decidida a sacarse un dinero y pirarse a Las Vegas. Se acaba de enterar de que su prometido llevaba meses poniendole los cuernos con su mejor amiga, por lo que va a vender el anillo que este la regalo. Pero parece ser que el dueño de la tienda tiene una oferta escondida bajo la manga. Una oferta que la morena no va a rechazar..

Kiley Jay stopped by the XXX Pawn store today and she was ready to pawn and begone! Seems her ex-finance was two-timing her with her best friend. Aw, ain’t that terrible. Well, now she wants to pawn this very expensive ring and go gamble on life in Vegas. Now I ain’t no geminiologist, but after I took a closer look at the ring in my office with Kiley Jay, I had some real bad news for her – rings fake darling. Note to self, don’t push a dumped girl, they go crazy and destroy things.

That’s probably what really happened. I mean heck, she don’t even know me and she’s already wrecking my office! Now I am not a man that likes to let an opportunity to go to waste, so I gets me a brilliant idea and share it with Kiley Jay. Let’s fuck and send your ex a copy. Hell lets use the ring while we’re fucking so he really gets the message. Derrick dodged the crazy bullet with Kiley Jay.

Even though we just met like ten, fifteen, minutes ago, she was on her knees sucking my big dick real quick. She let Derrick know exactly how she feels getting fucked on camera – pretty darn good. Now, Derrick, I know you’re reading this cause I sent you a copy, but trust me man, you did the right thing breaking up with Kiley Jay. This chick is nuts. And to show you there’s no hard feelings, I’m gonna up my offer that I made on the tape. I’ll give you 10% off anything in the store. Just come on down.

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