Le pongo los cuernos y me sale redondo

No hay nada como poner los cuernos y que te salgo así de redondo, ya veréis a lo que me refiero. Mi novia, Gina Gerson, llego a su casa más pronto que de costumbre para sorprender a su hermana Amirah Adara. Mientras se aproximaba a su habitación, oía de fondo unos extraños ruidos, como si alguien estuviera chupando algo. Y cuando abrió la puerta, allí estaba yo, y su hermana chupándome la polla..

Gina Gerson came home early from work to surprise her little stepsister Amirah Adara with an impromptu day out shopping. As she approached her bedroom she overheard sucking noises and moans and what sounded like a boy’s voice. She slowly opened the bedroom door to reveal her sister on her knees sucking her boyfriend’s dick. She was appalled and yelled at her in disapproval but once she caught an eyeful of Amirah Adara’s boyfriend and his giant cock, the shock turned into surprise and curiosity. She was able to convince her stepsister to have a threesome with him and in exchange she would show her how to pleasure him in ways she wasn’t privy to just yet.

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