Leah Gotti prueba una buena BBC

Leah Gotti es una chica privilegiada. Sus padres siempre la han consentido con todo lo que ella ha querido. Cuando su madre va a clases de yoga, ella para el tiempo admirando a su profesor, Jason Brown. El fin de semana que no estaban sus padres por casa, y su madre olvido cancelar la clase semanal de yoga, Leah va a aprovechar la oportunidad para cumplir una de sus mayores fantasías.

Leah Gotti is a privileged girl. Her parents spoil her with anything her heart desires. When her mother has a yoga lesson, Leah always spends her time admiring her teacher, Jason Brown. When her parents go out of town, and her mother forgets to cancel her usual session, Leah finds herself in the perfect position to make her fantasy a reality. She tells Jason Brown that her mother has asked if Leah can take her place. Dressed in her most revealing outfit, she presses her tight body against him, giving him all the signs that she is craving him in every way. This young beauty always gets what she wants – and this time is no different.

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