Lujuria Americana con Alli Rae & Shae Summers

Alli Rae y Shae Summers acaban de terminar su turno en el restaurante en que ambas trabajan y todavían llevan puestos esos increibles uniformes tan sexys que tienen que llevar al trabajo. Una cosa llevo a la otra, y al rato ya andan tonteando entre ellas. Esto solo podia terminar en una cosa: Un buen video de porno lesbico. Uno de esos para recordar..

Alli Rae and Shae Summers had just finished a shift working at a restaurant and they still had their sexy outfits on. They had super hot bikinis on under the overalls they wore. They both had such juicy side tit action going on. It didn’t take long before they started talking about boys and Shae Summers brought up that she was into girls. Alli Rae got super interested in this and wanted to totally hook up with Shae Summers since she had never done it and always wanted to. Alli Rae wasted no time in diving face first into Shae Summers’ pussy to start eating her out. Don’t miss one second of these hot hot girls going off on each other, plenty of tits and ass to go around.

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