De rockstar a pornstar, Lilith Shayton

Lo hemos conseguido, hemos convertido a una rockstar en toda una autentica pornstar. Bueno, a lo mejor no es una estrella mundial del rock and roll pero Lilith Shayton es bastante conocida de manera local. Ahora ha decidido cambiar la guitarra por las pollas. El resultado es este;

I’ve gone and did it guys, I turned a Rockstar into a Pornstar. Well she ain’t quite a Rockstar, more like a local struggling artist with a guitar and a band, who needed my help. And she ain’t quite a Pornstar until I film her fucking a couple more times, you know what I mean, man. Let me it break it down, this sexy rocker chick needed her car brakes done and all she had was some lame guitars, luckily I was there to provide my special services. After i convinced her that her stuff wasn’t worth shit, I offered her something better to play, my skin flute. Unfortunately I had to double down and pay her 600 bucks, she only needed 300, but whatever that ass was worth a grand! Things got crazy as soon as i pulled my hog, she sucked a mean dick, tossed my salad and fucked like a champ. Another one in the books guys, oh yea look out for my skills on the old six string.

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