Victoria Banxxx, la mas cachonda de la tienda

Un ordenador a cambio de sexo salvaje

Nueva victima de la tienda de empeños mas famosa de internet. Victoria Banxxx se paso hoy por la tienda esperando cambiar un par de aparatos electrónicos por un laptop. La cosa es que no le daba el dinero para hacer el cambio. Pero el encargado le ofrece una oferta especial. Ya sabéis de lo que se trata…

Sometimes I take a day off, so I let my other coworkers run the XXX PAWN SHOP when I’m not around. Of course, this means that they have to make sure that people that come in shouldn’t think that they can pull a fast one on them because I’m not around to catch it. So when of course, this hot brunette walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP carrying a box full of phone cases (they were out of date from 2 years back), Victoria Banxxx tried swindle us and asked to get them at a top dollar return or trade it in for one or our quality Laptops! Luckily, I trained this employee myself.

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He knew how to handle this hot brunette and get the best deal out of her. When he offered her the MANAGER SPECIAL, he had her on the hook. She was intrigued into knowing more about what the XXX PAWN SHOP had to offer her. So he took her to the back and showed her how to earn that laptop. Victoria Banxxx really earned it too, she sucked that dick and let my employee play with her pussy. Then he fucked Victoria Banxxx on my desk, bent over doggy style showing off her fantastic ass. This was a good video to watch. I think that he definitely earned a positive mark when his review comes up.

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