Zaya Cassidy quiere vender el abrigo de su abuela

Esta teenager exótica, de nombre Zaya Cassidy, se ha va a pasar por nuestra tienda en busca de algo de dinero con la venta de un abrigo de pelo que pertenecía a su abuela y se lo ha robado. Por ser una chica tan mala, tengo otro tipo de planes, y como esta tan desesperada por ganar unos dólares, la teen va a hacer todo lo que este en sus manos para complacernos..

Oh man this week I have a great little video for you guys. This cute exotic beauty walked in trying to pawn off her great grandmothers fur coat, she seemed desperate to get some cash. Apparently she had some over due credit card bills. I tell you what this little cutie had me very intrigued, i just had to find out where she was from, little did I know she was a Native American, once she disclosed that information it was on! I just had to get her to the office and have a little pow wow with her, if you know what i mean. Once we were in the back she was reluctant to model the coat for me naked, but once I mentioned how much I was willing to pay she had no other choice. I tell you what this was one amazing fuck! She took the dick like a champ. Im most defiantly going to rematch this one a over and over.

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